Sister Circle Agreement    

Thankyou so much for choosing to participate in the Sister Circles.

I am so grateful that you have heard the call to gather together in a space where an open and honest exchange of our inner wisdom is not only welcomed, but celebrated.

Please know that I am committed to making this a beautiful experience for you. I ask that you make the same commitment, and in doing so, take responsibility for creating the time and space for yourself.

The more you dive into this process, the more benefit you will receive from sharing this experience for yourself and with your fellow Sisters.

I am very much looking forward to sharing the journey with you, 

Jo xx


Sister Circle Agreement


Having a clear set of Principles allows us to align and agree to the core foundations of the Circle and provides a code of practice that builds and strengthens connection, support and emotional safety.

Please take a few minutes to connect with these Principles from your heart space my lovely Sister.

Below are the Guiding Principles for The Sister Circles:

  • Empowerment - Each individual is encouraged and supported to take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

  • Integrity - There is a transparency, congruency and honesty in all that is said and done.

  • Trust - Build from honouring our commitments and being true to our agreements.

  • Acceptance - We allow for different experiences and interpretations whilst withholding judgement.

  • Love & Nurturing - We come from the heart space with communication and support.

  • Choice - We respect our own choices and the choices of others.

  • Authenticity - Allow ourselves to courageously speak our truth at all times

  • Respect - Creating loving boundaries for ourselves and valuing the rights of others.

  • Joy - Allowing for happiness and excitement to inspire us forwards

  • Adventure - Setting intentions and trusting the process as it unfolds



Please understand that everything discussed between us as a Circle of Sisters is kept strictly confidential.

This is incredibly important and creates a feeling of safety for each of us.

I ask that all of my teachings are to be kept confidential and not recreated, shared or taught. During the Circle we work at a deep energetic level with powerful tools that have been taught to me through my own lineage. It’s very important that these rituals are worked with under guidance, and with respect, experience and care.

I also ask that my forms of communication are kept confidential and that any emails you receive from me are not forwarded on to others outside of our Circle space.

I ask that you honour and respect this, and one another.



Each session will start and finish on time. 

Please let me know in advance if you can't make any of the dates as the magic of the Circle works best when everyone attends all 5 Circles, and when you can prioritise yourself and each other and be on time for all of our Circles. It is our commitment to the Circle, to ourselves and to each other that allows trust to build so we can go on a deep dive together.



The cost for our 5 week round of Sister Circles is $190 and includes:

  • 1 x Holy Day Sister Circle Ceremony

  • 4 x Sister Circles of love, support, connection, healing and transformation

  • Guided visualisations working with specific Flower and Elemental Essences and anointing oils

  • During our Holy Day ceremony you will receive rituals to support your personal journey as the wheel turns

  • Nourishing organic herbal teas and healing elixirs of your choice to enjoy each week

  • A loving and solid Sisterhood in our private Facebook group



Your reservation for your place in the Sister Circles will be considered accepted upon receipt of full payment for the course, unless a payment option has been arranged before hand.

If you cancel within 10 days of the Circle commencement date, you will be refunded only half of the 5 week Circle fee.

If you cancel within 3 days before the first Circle you will not receive a refund.

If you begin a round of Circles but are unexpectedly unable to continue with your commitment, I am unable to offer you a refund. 

If you happen to miss an evening, you will not receive a refund for the Circle you have missed.



As with any personal development work, I always encourage individuals to take full responsibility for their own level of participation and their subsequent life choices.

Any medical conditions, physical or mental, must be fully disclosed to Jo Bell Cummings during your application process and prior to full confirmation of your place in the course so I can assess your suitability for this work.

At times self development work can bring up emotional responses that are an incredibly important part of your healing journey.

It's is advised that you have support in place after the Circles such as trusted friends or a therapist if you should need it.

Flower, Elemental and Shell Essences are a vibrational system of healing that may treat imbalances in the body bringing about a holistic balance for overall wellbeing. Women of Cedar makes no claims to diagnose, treat, cure, heal or prevent any disease or imbalance. Further, Women of Cedar makes no claim that it directly treats or cures any psychological, emotional, physical or spiritual disorders. Statements made regarding products have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Authority.

Our products are designed to compliment not replace conventional medicine and we recommend that you consult your doctor before combining our systems with any existing medication.