Flower Essence Consultation

Allow the flowers to support you on your path and experience their healing during a consultation.


Many moons ago, our ancestors lived in close relationship to the natural world. Not only did they find nourishment in the plants that grew close by in their surroundings, but they also discovered that flowers had properties to support emotional and spiritual healing. Flower Essences offer emotional freedom. The ancient peoples knew this - and now we are remembering this too.

Experience the power of this beautiful and gentle botanical medicine during a consultation and see how Flower Essences can support you on your journey.

As a part of your session I will intuitively create a personal Flower Essence remedy to support the changes you are wishing to make in your life. The life that is uniquely yours. You will also receive a practice to work with which will support your integration throughout your Flower Essence experience.


DURING YOUR flower essence Consultation YOU WILL RECEIVE:

  • 1 x 55 minute session in person or via Zoom

  • 1 x customised Flower Essence remedy to support your growth and expansion

  • Email follow up including an explanation of the flowers that are included in your remedy and their healing medicine

  • 1 x daily practice to support your inner work

    Your Investment: $155 AUD

Jo’s kind, caring nature combined with her resounding wisdom & knowledge have become an immense support to me on my journey.
— Beck