Flower Essence Immersion

A life-changing six month journey that creates personal freedom and an inner blooming of your soul.


The 6 month Flower Essence Immersion is one of deep healing and will support you in returning back home to your sacred truth. It will realign your heart and soul with your inner compass.

During this deeply transformative journey, I invite you to delve into the inner most parts of yourself to unearth old patterns, out-dated programming or past wounds that are preventing you from living the life that your heart is yearning for. We will look at your hopes, dreams and challenges and with my support, outline areas in your life that you would like to resolve, shift or transform. We will work together to find the root issue of the imbalances you are experiencing to create lasting change within your life.

By shining the light on these aspects of yourself we are able to activate healing and with the support of the flowers, we can begin to create forward moving momentum. During our time together you will feel seen and deeply held.

As part of each session I will tune in and intuitively create a personal blend of flower essences to support the imbalances you are feeling and the changes you are wishing to make in your life. Using Shamanic journeying practices I will gather information from the unseen realms, which will facilitate your healing and personal growth. I will offer you tools and practices to support your transformation and guide you gracefully back home to yourself.

Sitting in Circle with other women is a powerful complement to the potency of Flower Essence Therapy. Ceremony and ritual acknowledge the web of life that weaves within and around each of us, connecting us to the seen and unseen in our world. Together as a Circle of Sisters we witness and hold space for one another, creating a powerful container for deep energetic shifts to take place.

The journey to wholeness takes time and we will move slowly to allow the shifts and changes to settle in, and offer time for integration of all parts of yourself.

You will begin to easefully let go of the things that are no longer serving you, and add in those that support your growth.

You will come away from our sessions feeling empowered, supported and deeply connected to your own innate wisdom and live your life in harmony and alignment with your inner compass.



  • 6 x 1:1 sessions - 1 session per month in person or via Zoom

  • 6 x customised Flower Essence remedies - 1 x formula per month

  • 6 x High Holy Day Sister Circles - 1 Circle every 6 weeks (location dependant)

  • Specific rituals for you to work with each month

  • Shamanic Journey work to support your healing from the Spirit realms

  • 6 x Follow up emails including a list of the flowers in your remedy and their healing medicine

  • Email Support


Schedule a Discovery Call

If you're hearing the call of the flowers and are interested in working with me I'd love to connect with you.

In your 20 minute complimentary discovery call we will discuss what your current needs are, how I can support you and most importantly, will allow us both to know if we are a good fit to work together.

I look forward to learning more about you.

Journeying with Jo’s clear and insightful guidance was such a wonderful experience. To be supported to reflect on what lies beneath the surface, the depth of emotions that are the undercurrent to our everyday lives, is such an incredible gift.
— Jayne