Flower Essence Therapy

Nature provided us with the gift of flowers, which hold a quiet energy, wisdom and secret messages to guide us on our journey.

Flower Essences are a potent medicine which help us to embody our divine feminine essence and awaken hidden aspects of our soul.


Package 1

Flower Essence Consultation

Allow the essences to support you on your path and experience their healing during a consultation.


Package 2

Flower Essence Journey

Experience the potent healing of this incredible botanical medicine during a three-month commitment.


Package 3

Flower Essence Immersion

A life-changing six month journey that creates personal freedom and an inner blooming of your soul.


Everything you need to know about the power of this gentle botanical medicine


Jo has the most amazing ability to be attuned with all of her senses to where a person is really at. She hears what is being communicated without being voiced, and can see beyond a person’s current experiences. She witnesses all of this and more from a place of deep love, respect and honouring.
We are truly blessed to have Jo’s support available to us, to help us live to our fullest potentials.
— Jayne

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