Journey of the Red Thread

A 5 Week Journey of reclamation, remembrance and reconnection.


The Red Thread is an ancient and powerful thread that each woman on earth holds within her. This sacred thread connects us to the lineage of women who came before us - to our daughters, and all of those who will come from us. 

The intention of the Journey of the Red Thread is to reclaim aspects of ourselves that have been shunned and placed aside and to celebrate the majesty of being a woman. To share our stories, to reconnect with our cyclical nature and to honour our Rites of Passage.

It is a journey of looking inwards, reflecting, unravelling, dismantling, accepting and ultimately 'knowing thyself'.

Bringing back the beautiful, simple and ancient practice of gathering together in Circle, attuning to Gaia’s rhythms and honouring our cyclical nature brings back the ways of the old. It offers us the opportunity to understand ourselves deeply and to reconnect to our own internal compass.

Our 5 week Journey of the Red Thread will begin by gathering together as a Circle of Sisters and in the weeks that follow as Gaia begins her slow and gentle descent into stillness, we will dive deeply into the Women’s Mysteries, remembering the vast wells of wisdom we hold within.

You will feel a deep sense of connection…. to yourself, to the lineage of women that came before you and the web of life all around you. This work will reach into your present, past and future, deepening how you honour your Grandmothers, Mothers, your Daughters - and all women across this great planet.

Sister, you will know if this journey is for you...
You will feel it as a remembrance that stems from deep within your entire being.

This is the call of the feminine.

And if she is calling, please listen and honour her… for she is calling you home.


  • 1 x Holy Day Sister Circle Ceremony

  • 4 x Sister Circles of reclamation, remembrance, connection and deeply ‘knowing thyself’

  • A flower essence formula to support your journey into the Mysteries

  • Healing elixirs of your choice to experience each week

  • Weekly guided visualisation with flower and elemental essences

  • Specific rituals to work with as you reclaim your feminine wisdom

  • A loving and solid Sisterhood in our private Facebook group


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Jo’s kind, caring nature combined with her resounding wisdom & knowledge have become an immense support to me on my journey.
— Beck