Kind Words - Sister Circles

Jo's Circles are a breathtaking combination of beauty, ritual, magic and devotion.

We are held in a safe place, and then offered support and guidance to spiral deeply inwards. Jo's commitment to the Goddess benefits each and every one of us as we enter this sacred realm.

Rosie - Mother of 3 

It has been my absolute honour to walk the path of Sisterhood with Jo since magical day she entered my world.

Jo is without a doubt, called to this work. Her ability to hold a beautiful and safe space for the Sisters in her Community, is an incredible gift and one that I have the pleasure of enjoying during our monthly online Circles.

Jo's sensitivity and wisdom allows others to feel deeply heard and held, two vital ingredients for healing and empowerment. Her gentle ways are a balm for the soul and I only wished we lived closer so we could Circle in person, every week!

Thank you for all you do for the Sisters beautiful Jo. You are a guiding light in all that you do.

Kate Reed - Creator of The Sister Circles

It takes great courage to be vulnerable, and Jo has courage and vulnerability in equal measure. Because of her devotion to the Divine Feminine, we are all offered the opportunity to journey inwards. Jo humbly holds the light for us to see inside ourselves.

Jo is a woman of the old ways, keeper of ancient secrets and wisdoms and she is awakening seeds of knowing within each of us who work with her. Our growth is of the highest quality and potential because Jo is showing us that we hold truth and power within us. She is guiding us home.


Jo offers us a chance to step out of our heads and into our hearts. She creates a space of such beauty and softness, it is a privilege to be invited into her world of creation and ritual.

I leave the circles feeling more connected to myself and inspired to make more space for my own creativity in my everyday life.

Karlie - Occupational Therapist and Yoga Teacher

Thank you from every part of my being for your teachings. I feel soft and ready with a gentle open heart and ready to receive all that’s to come.

You have a very special gift and we are very lucky to have you.


Sister Circles can not be explained only felt. They create the most powerful and deep healing experience, they have been life changing for me. To sit beside other women from all walks of life to allow and witness the bearing of our hearts and souls creates beautiful place for so  much healing and growth to happen.  Jo creates the most gorgeous, magical and supportive space, its truly something special that every woman should experience.


I feel and see the growth within our Circle of women.. it’s like being in the fast lane. The Circle accelerates personal growth.


I feel more like myself than I have in a long time… It's a true joy to be a part of the Circle.


Today was simply one of the best and most beautiful days of my life.

I will treasure the memories of this day spent with my mother and grandmother and my closest friends forever.

Sarah - Expectant Mama

I feel so light and full of joy within the Circle.


Jo thankyou so much... Something switched on within me during our Circle. I feel like my path has come into view again!


I signed up for my first Sister Circle journey not knowing what to expect. After the recent passing of my younger sister, I was hesitant to join the group. However, working up the courage to commit to the 5 sessions was one of the most healing and transformational experiences I have ever had. 

Spending time with a group of like-minded, loving and supportive ladies who patiently spent time to listen to one another and offer unconditional and loving support was really special.

I cannot speak more highly of the beautiful Jo who is responsible for the running of Sister Circles. Jo has the ability to create a unique space where women feel safe to share their feelings and deeper emotions, which often are not expressed. 

I finished the 5 weeks finding clarity in myself, and deeply connected to a beautiful group of women. 

Lucy - Physiotherapist and Yoga Teacher

I found the Sister Circle at the right moment in my life - to find like-minded women who are really living this life and are not afraid to share their heart hopes, their moments of clarity and their fears with others was a true blessing.

Thank you Jo for your wholehearted leadership - the work you are doing for women, and by extension our families is beautiful. 

Jules - Meditation Teacher 

THANK YOU dear woman, may goodness blossom in every way for you, more than you could ever imagine... Thank you for bringing the opportunity and blessing to my life, what a perfect time. Such a beautiful space you have created. You should be very proud. 

And I must do another Circle- how could I not! The benefits have been and will continue to be immense.

Philippa - Mama 

I think Sister Circles should be mandatory for all women on the path of personal growth. 

Mish - Mama, Seeker and Beauty Therapist

A million times thank you for The Sister Circle... it was just amazing and I can't stop thinking about it!

I feel so good, like I belong to something... I hope the universe allows me to get to many more! 

Emma - Mama and Yoga Teacher

I want to thankyou for making it possible for women to have a very special moment in their lives where they can connect and feel so safe in doing so. I came away from our Sister Circle so full of love and inspiration, and I couldn't stop feeling a total love and connection to the Sisters around our Circle.

Lately I have found myself seeing the beauty in things that I hadn't noticed before. As I write, my heart is over flowing with love, and the connection to my Sisters is still so strong. I am so grateful to have had the chance to share time with women that are so beautiful and inspiring. I've never seen the beauty in people as I did during our Circle, and as I write I'm sending all of them my love and blessings.

Thankyou, thankyou beautiful lady, you are truly an angel.


I highly recommend for ALL women to create space for themselves to take part in this empowering experience!

Tash - Mama & Yoga Teacher

I cannot thank you enough for holding The Sister Circles! They are exactly what I have been searching for... Just real women with real stories and real emotions.  I feel so connected and so inspired.

I love sharing and being able to be honest, and I absolutely love listening to the other women share. To really hear about other peoples stories and to realise that we are all going through things along our individual paths. I feel completely empowered by everyone's loving words of encouragement and wisdom. I find such comfort knowing that others share similar dreams, thoughts, emotions and passions.

I am overcome with gratitude at being able to share in a space with other like-minded souls. We women are incredible! Thankyou a million times over. The decision to join The Sister Circles has been the best thing I have done for myself in such a long time! 


I feel so safe and supported in The Sister Circles. I can't put into words how transformative the Circles have been for me! Thankyou, Thankyou! 

Lucy - Yoga Teacher 

The Sister Circle is a space to feel heard and supported... To come to know ourselves better through the sharing of experience and wisdom.

Jo is an open and generous facilitator who holds the group in her gentle hands, creating a space of trust and love.

It was wonderful to come together with a group of like-minded women and connect on such a deep level in complete faith and confidence. I have enormous gratitude for the experience.  

Liz  - Wellness Practitioner

Something has hugely fallen into place for me since the last Sister Circle... I have a new sense in confidence in sharing, in believing in what I say is true for myself at that time, without self judgement...... How nice to able to be in an environment where we can freely be let to laugh and cry as we please.

Thank you for all of your work and for bringing this to us all.


Jo I feel so full of love... I feel such a deep seated joy inside. Thankyou for what you are creating with the Circles.

I feel and see the growth within our Circle of women.. it's like being in the fast lane. The Circle accelerates personal growth. The real magic is in the generosity and acknowledgment of the ego and the shadows...

You are a shining light, woman! Bless you for being you!


The Sister Circles have been a magical, enlightening and empowering experience for me.

I feel truly blessed for 'hearing the call' and joining this journey of being all that I am in the safety of our Sister Circle.

Simply taking two hours a week for myself and my fellow sisters has been beneficial to my wellbeing and self growth beyond any measure... I am so grateful for this strength.

I thankyou Jo for opening up this door for us as women, and allowing us to discover that we are not alone, and that in face we are so very supported by one another... for we are all here on this journey called life, together.


I am so grateful that right now I have some of the most uplifting, encouraging, bring and loveable people in my life thanks to The Sister Circles.

I couldn't be any more happier right now, and that is because of the Circles. I am so glad that I can be a part of this... I can finally go deep into conversation with women who understand. 


I am so thankful for The Sister Circles, for the calling you have embraced, Jo. Each group of women is unique, each gathering magic and unveiling.

The space is safe, professional, confidential, inviting, nurturing and completely celebrating the divine woman in us all.