The Difference Between Flower Essences and Essential Oils


What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences have been used throughout history dating back to the 12th century.

Many moons ago, alchemists believed that the dew drops that were collected overnight on the leaves of the flowers and plants contained magical powers. As time went by, ways were found to capture these drops of the plants in order to support healing.

Flower essences are the liquid signature of the flower and they work through out meridians to shift our vibration. Flower essence remedies help to treat a specific emotional state and work to heal the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of the body. There are hundreds of different remedies and each one helps to treat a specific emotional state. When the emotions are balanced, the body is able to heal. You can work with a particular remedy to help to support whatever it may be that you are wanting more of in your life... whether it be more love, motivation, joy or freedom, or less stress, worry, anxiety or fear. Flower essences, being a vibrational remedy, help to realign your system with the frequency of those desires that you are wanting more of in your life. 

Some other vibrational medicine healing modalities that are perhaps better known than flower essence therapy are homeopathy, acupuncture, crystal healing, reiki and energy work. All of these modalities have been used throughout history for hundreds of years.

Flower essences are most commonly taken internally and they have no smell, nor do the essences contain any plant matter.

To extract the healing that the plant has to offer us,  a piece of the plant is placed in a bowl of water and left in sunlight to infuse for a period of time. Once this has taken place, the water infusion is bottled with a small amount of a preservative - usually brandy. The Essences work on an energetic level in the body and work primarily to rebalance the emotions to create harmony.

....and how are Flower Essences different to Essential Oils?

Essential oils are oils that have been extracted from the plants and are most commonly used outside of the body. They are used in Aromatherapy and are known for their beautiful fragrances and healing benefits.

My flower essence blends contain many different essences from all over the world. The flower essence tinctures are made up of the essences, spring water and brandy which acts as the preservative.

My selection of healing elixirs contain a combination of therapeutic grade essential oils, flower, tree, elemental or shell essences, spring water and colloidal silver which acts as the preservative. Each one of my products is made with love and blessed with prayer to enhance their healing potential. You can find my line of products over at my online store.

I use flower essences and essential oils daily in my life and they are the foundation of my wellness.

I hope this helps and answers any questions that you may have about the magic of these glorious remedies and gives you an insight into just how much they have to offer us on our path to healing and wellness.