My Journey With Flower Essences

Healing-Essence-IMG_2904 (1).jpg

My journey with flower essences began many moons ago.

I was first introduced to them in my very early 20's and was fascinated by their magic and mystery and their ability to heal wounds and repair trauma.... Over time I would find myself instinctively drawn to them when life faced me with a challenge.

It was during a particularly difficult period of my life that once again, the flowers began to call me.

At this time my foundations were incredibly shaky and I felt that my world was crumbling. The grief and trauma I had been holding and living with for a number of years had completely destabilised my system and I was experiencing life from a space of disconnect and deep wound.

I began to dream about flowers and they would communicate with me during my dream state.
One night I dreamt of a very distinct flower... I remember waking and knowing that this was of huge significance and that it was important to find this flower... and so began my search.

After months of looking I finally found the flower and I began the healing and transformative ritual of working with her medicine.

Almost instantly the veils of heaviness began to lift and colour reappeared in my world.

She began to weave her magic and stablise my system, and she allowed the wings of my heart to gently re-open. This beautiful flower essence gave me back my life force.

This exquisite flower communicated very clearly that the flowers were my path, and from that point I immersed myself in learning all that I could about flowers and their healing medicine.

Flower Essences are such incredible allies to support us as we navigate this big journey of life...

They have a profound ability to shift old patterns which keep us stuck, repair trauma and reawaken us to our souls truth.