Ceremony to Honour the Ancestors


I have felt my Great-Great Grandmother so close by over these past few months, and as the wheel turns and we move towards Samhain, I am beginning to feel her presence even more.

She and her husband - a man with a heart filled with dreams for a new way of life, left Lebanon around 1895 with 3 young children and sailed across the seas bound for a foreign country.

15 years later as a mother of now 13 children - 4 of whom had died, my Grandmother was admitted to a mental asylum. 
She was 41 years old.. my age now.

Her hospital documents state she was "suffering from acute confusional insanity... quite lost to her surroundings... incoherent... that she was noisy, restless and was having visual and auditory hallucinations" and as such she was given horrific drugs to sedate her.

Attached to the hospital documents show a photo of my Grandmother... A beautiful, but broken woman.

I have only very recently received this information about her admission and it touched my heart so deeply... seeing her despondent face, reading the doctors notes made my stomach churn.

I wonder what sort of support she had in her life?

Did she experience the loving and solid support of women to hold her as she navigated the loss of her children - her grief, the disconnect from her land and no doubt so much more?

The night prior to receiving the hospital documents I was gathered around a fire with dear Sisters, and we were guided through a beautiful ceremony to honour our ancestors - to connect and form conscious relationships with them.

There was a profound magic present that night, and each of us experienced a deep healing that rippled it's way through our entire lineage.

And as the flames of the fire danced, as a Circle of women we offered heartfelt gifts to the fire and spoke our prayers of love and honouring to our ancestors.

As we spoke, lightening lit up through the sky, illuminating each woman as she shared her heart and the thunder boomed - blessing us with the understanding that our prayers to our beloved ancestors were indeed being received.

“We are the answers to our ancestors prayers.”