Do you Hear the Flowers Calling?


One of the things I love to do is to invite the beautiful women I work with to stop and pause - to reflect and look within.

And often all it takes is a simple question... "How does this make you feel?" or “Where are you feeling this in your body?” and hearts opens up to share their story.

Women yearn to be heard, to feel emotionally safe and to be truly seen... and when we are offered this, and held in a space with love, incredible portals for healing will open.

Flower Essences allow us to access the deeper layers of ourselves - the belief system that we hold about ourselves and the world... And every single flower, plant and tree has a specific medicine to offer.

Red Cedar stabilises our entire system and anchors in currents of safety and security. When we feel safe in the world our entire experience of life is so different.

Marshmallow allows us to stay connected to others, to our ourselves and our emotional needs. She gently softens the armour that we place around our hearts.

Buttercup increases our self worth, and reminds us that we are important... she effortlessly activates the codes of Queen within.

Lemon Balm supports the mind and the entire system to settle into a space of softness.

Gloriosa Lily - the exquisite flower in the photo above supports the healing of betrayal and wounding from that of the masculine or the Father.

When we work with flower essences we will begin to experience beautiful and gentle shifts take place within our world. Our lives start to radically change to align with our souls truth.

I truly believe this botanical medicine is so needed in our world right now as we continue to heal, recreate new patterns and ways of being in the world.