Flower Essence Teachings

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Today I was blessed with the privilege of teaching a wonderful group of women about Flower Essences.

Each Sister had their own profound experience of attuning to a plant and opening up new channels of communication with nature, and following this they had an opportunity to create their own flower essence.

It was incredibly beautiful to witness the women - who each hold their own unique and powerful medicine, deepen their connection to the web of life around them, and learn a new skill that they can tuck into their wisdom bags.

Flower Essences offer an incredible pathway to heal as they act as catalysts for transformation at a deep emotional level.... And our experience today as a Circle of women was a true indication of this beautiful truth.

Thankyou dear Sisters for the magic we are consciously weaving together, and Thankyou darling Kate The Sister Circles for inviting me to teach about the magic of the flowers at your Level 2 Sister Circles Training.