Flower Essences to Support Healing

Healing-Essence-IMG_2739 (1).jpg

We have incarnated here on this earth at this time because we’ve got important work to do as the feminine awakes...
And in order to do the work that is being asked of us - in whatever way it may look, we need each of us fully embodied, our energy fields whole and protected so we can step forward and bring about the change many of us are seeking.

Over the past few days I’ve had multiple conversations with different women and they’ve all followed the same thread...

Each of the women have shared feelings of disconnect - separation - confusion...
Yearning for a home that’s not of this earth but in some other realm...
Unsure of whether their feelings and emotions are their own, or if they’re that of their partners, their children, their parents or the collective consciousness.

And as each of these women have shared their hearts with me I hear the flowers speak.

Trees such as Red Cedar, English Oak, Native Frangipani, Hawthorne are incredible for stabilising and anchoring us into our body.

Flower Essences like Yarrow, Angelica, Rosemary, St Johns Wort form a protection for our energetic fields.

Motherwort is the queen of the flowers for teaching us how to strengthen our boundaries - emotional and energetic.

Arnica and Star of Bethlehem help to heal trauma that is stuck within our system.

Queen of the Meadow shows us how to access our power and our queen codes so we can access more of who we are.

The plants are incredible allies as we move forward at this monumental time in our history... their truly do help us to become more whole.