Imbolc Blessings


You find yourself standing in the middle of a misty meadow filled with long green grass and wild flowers... Scattered all around are huge stones holding ancient wisdom and deep knowing.

As you walk, you feel the earth cool beneath your feet - the air is crisp against your skin... and with each gentle footstep the mists slowly begin to part.

Coming towards you, is a woman dressed in a long green robe, and you recognise Goddess Bridhe – she who carries the sacred flame of love within her heart.

She steps forwards, reaches out to hold your hands and as she does she begins to speak:

“My daughter, I have been waiting for you.
You are here – it’s now time.
This is a divinely orchestrated moment that’s pivotal on your life’s path as a woman.

I am the bringer of light - a fierce and loving protector of all that’s holy and divine.
And in this moment, this time of emergence - I wish to offer you a gift...

There are messages, insights and remembrances that will come forward at this most sacred time.
And I invite you now to listen…. to listen with your heart."

Bridhe reaches her hands forwards and presses one against your third eye, the other over your heart and again, she leans in and whispers in your ear

"My daughter, you are so much more than you imagine... as a creator, a sovereign being,
As a woman of the Earth.

In this moment, as the seasons shift, as Gaia begins to slowly emerge - what is emerging, and what is birthing through you?

In this moment of infinite possibilites, what needs tending to in your world to support your dreams as they birth into form?"

Notice what arises within your body, your heart at this time... what’s coming forward from your soul in this moment out of time?

Thankyou to the beautiful women who gathered with me in Circle tonight to honour the turn of the wheel.

Together we walk - side by side - dreaming our dreams awake.