Journey of the Red Thread


I have been weaving together the final threads of the Journey of the Red Thread over these past few weeks and it has been such a beautiful process to move through as I sink even deeper into my own quest of remembering and reclaiming the way of the feminine.

For far too long this wisdom has been forgotten and it is truly is time for us all to reclaim all that which has been lost.

Over hundreds of years the sacred ways of the feminine have been lost and silenced… and as a result women have become incredibly disconnected... we look outside of ourselves rather than looking within.

This ancient wisdom is our birthright, and we each hold this knowing deep within – essentially it is about honouring our cyclical natures, and attuning to the rhythms of Gaia. It is about connecting, reawakening, remembering.

When we are connected to our own rhythms, our trust in our intuition and inner voice is strong... and we reclaim our truth - our sovereignty.

We remember that we hold everything we seek within.

These beautiful hands belong to my daughter and she is holding roses that were grown by my mother... our sacred Red Thread. ❤️