Moon Medicine


The Moon is deeply linked to our emotions, to the wise feminine, to the mystery that lives beyond the veil.

Full Moon

Full Energy - Expression – Gratitude

Pray, journal, quietly speak and give great thanks for what you wish to see come into form.


Disseminating Moon

Harvest – Culmination

Give thanks, share and celebrate the richness of your bounty – however this may look.

3rd Quarter Waning Moon

Harvest of your dream seeds – Reflection – Breaking down of old ways

Give thanks and celebrate and share the harvest of your dream seeds. Reflect now on what needs tending to support your intentions to fully burst forth?


Balsamic Moon

Inwards – Letting Go – Quiet Contemplation

Get clear on what is ready to be released from your world. What needs care to sprout forth?


Dark Moon

Stillness – Dormancy – Potential

Let go of all that you no longer want to carry into the next lunar cycle.


New Moon

New Feelings – Inwards – Plant Dream Seeds

Pray, Journal, quietly speak and plant the intentions that you wish to grow for this next lunar cycle.


Crescent Moon

First Light – Shift in energy

Recognise what dream seeds feel the strongest and that you wish to tend to for this next lunar cycle.


1st Quarter Waxing Moon

Sprouting – Dreams Seeds anchor in

The unfolding of the blossoming of your intentions.


Gibbous Moon

Energy is building – Urgency – Creativity

Get serious on what needs tending to. Utilise the energy you have to protect, care for and support your dream seeds.