To The Women in My Lineage...


To you my darling Luie - this beautiful and blessed daughter of mine... you hold the stories of many women who came before you in your bones.

And as I watch you grow I often wonder if you hear their songs sing to you in your dreams? Perhaps singing you awake.

I think about the women who came before me quite often. 
Some of these women travelled from the other side of the world to take up residency in a foreign land. 
I wonder how this must have been for them as women?
I long to hear their stories.... 
to learn of their experiences.... 
I wonder how different their prayers were to my own?

To the women who came before me - thankyou for the lives you have lived. 
For the roads you travelled. 
For the storms you weathered. 
Tomorrow we honour and celebrate International Womens Day.
Today I honour and celebrate each of you.

Freda Ashwajie
Sarah Abou Khater
Maryam Abou Khater
Jamelie Khyat
Louie Haddad
Pauline Harby

Susannah Hutchings
Rebecca Lutley
Prudence Grabham
Mary Wylie
Ellen Umpherston
Mary Lewis
Dorothy Smith
Patricia Wald
Elizabeth Bartlett

Nelly Russell
Clarice Winstanley

My teacher has shared with me “you are the answer to your ancestors prayers”
And it is beautiful to feel this as truth as I navigate my own earth walk... with an incredible lineage of women behind me.