My Dream

For you xx.jpg

The world I want to leave behind for my descendants is a world that is rooted in love. 

It is a world based on equality where we have freedom of speech and choice.
A world in which each of us feels safe and supported.

It is a world where community comes together and personal agendas and motives are a thing of the past.

It is a world where decisions and choices are made from healed hearts, not from the wounded aspects of ourselves... not made from a place of our pain.

I envision a world for the children of my children’s children that is truly heaven anchored on earth.

It is this dream that I’m weaving into being within my own world that drives me to keep moving forward.
To play my part in supporting the healing of our planet.

Something I know, without a doubt is that we are all in this together, so as we draw close to the end of another huge year and move forward into the new - what world is it that you are choosing to consciously create?