Flower Essences and My Healing

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This Flower Essence formula is for myself as I continue to work through layers of my own healing... my shadows... those pieces of myself that require integration...

And from the moment I took my first dose of my formula I noticed subtle shifts beginning to take place.

We all have these aspects to ourselves - these are what make us human...

I'm yet to meet anyone who isn't moving through some aspect of emotional healing in their life, however this may look. And I'm also yet to meet anyone who wouldn't benefit from the loving and gentle support of the flowers, for we are all on our journey in our own sweet way.

Often in my day to day interactions (not only with clients but at the markets, post office, in conversations with friends, family and colleagues) I will have the flowers jumping out letting me know which essences will be of best support for that person. These beautiful gifts from nature are here to support our journey through life.

It is really quite simple - Flower Essences offer emotional freedom. The healing that this gentle botanical medicine creates for us is profound.

The essences are incredible catalysts for transformation and enable us to reclaim any pieces of ourselves that have become lost or wounded along the way as we navigate our way.

If the flowers are calling you please reach out, it would be an honour to support your journey with this profound botanical medicine.