My Holistic Approach

Jo Bell-Cummings

My Approach

I believe in kindness, harmony, compassion and authenticity.

I believe in support, spiritual connection and strong foundations.

I believe in the powers of sisterhood, sharing and respect.

I believe we are all in this together

Hello, I’m Jo,

I am passionate about supporting women to achieve emotional freedom by using Flower Essence Therapy, Sister Circles and lifestyle choices to build a solid foundation for personal growth and transformation.

I will hold the space for you to grow, expand and transform. I am a mentor for you at this profound time in your life.

I will gently guide you to graciously step into your divine self, and I will support you in reclaiming your inner wisdom and sacred truth. Together we will work to heal old wounds and create great shifts in your life, to create the space for magic to happen.

Using a range of tools, we will work to break down barriers you may be subconsciously holding onto that are preventing you from living a happy life.

I will support you in learning how to nurture and nourish your soul so you can live an abundantly joyful life. I will guide you in how to set intentions and take steps towards your desires and dreams. I will walk alongside you every step of the way.

When we are connected to our true selves, we naturally invite abundance and love into our lives. We instinctively take care of ourselves emotionally, physically and mentally. Our lives overall become far more satisfying and full of joy.

I believe we are all beautiful, unique individuals on our own journey throughout life

I cannot speak highly enough of flower essences and know that sharing their medicine is my life's work. They are delicate yet strong, compassionate and lovingly unrelenting in their willingness to support us – to help us feel into our hearts and hear what our higher selves are wanting to communicate to us. I feel utterly blessed to admit that I understand the language of flowers and their desire to help us each and every day.

Our goals and desires are different and we interpret the world in our own way. We all grow, heal and discover in a way that is right for us, and I honour you and where you are at on your path. I will meet you right where you currently are.

I practice a holistic approach to healing and look at all areas of your life. With my gentle and compassionate approach, I offer a safe space to let your story be heard. I work with you to support you to reconnect with yourself and RE-member the magnificence of who you are as a woman.

I intuitively tune into your needs, reach into divine wisdom and will be guided to create specific flower essence remedies to support the shifts you are wishing to make in your life. I will offer you practices and rituals to work with to support your healing journey and increase the awareness of your own potential.

Flower Essences and Sister Circles complement one another beautifully. I have such a great faith in the magic of women coming together in Circle.

In holding Circles, my intention is to create a sacred container for women to gather together and join one another in ceremony with the divine. In this fast paced world where we often forget to stop and listen, I seek to give women an embodied experience of how connected we are to the Earth and her changing cycles and seasons.

As my commitment to Flower Essences and facilitating Circles has deepened, I have been drawn naturally further into exploring my lineage and my ancestral threads. I walk the Priestess Path and know deeply that I am awakening ancient codes and memories.

I empower women to realign their lives with their hearts and become free from limiting beliefs.

My journey has taught me how to commune with my inner wisdom and sacred truth, how to connect with the energies of the Divine Feminine.

It has been by learning to surrender, listen to and follow the whisperings of my soul through my own healing journey, that I am in a place to support you on your path of personal growth. Through my qualifications and trainings I have developed my own system for working with women on a holistic level, supporting them as they return to wholeness.

Something I know to be so very true is that as a collective we are all in this together and it is vital that we continually support, uplift, empower one another as we journey through life... for this is how we can create positive change in our world.

I have been blessed with incredible teachers throughout my journey over a number of years.

I wish to offer my deepest gratitude to my Flower Essence and Priestess teacher and mentor, Joanne Ameya Cohen, who has lovingly walked by my side for a number of years, supporting me to become more of my true self.

I am forever grateful to Damini Celebre, my Shamanic wisdom teacher for opening up my heart in the most profound way to the unseen world.

Huge love and gratitude to my darling friend Kate Reed for so graciously teaching me the fine art of holding space in Circle.

I also offer deep bows to Jane Hardwicke-Collings whose fierce and loving mentorship has been a great catalyst on my path of service in the world.

It is an honour, and a great privilege to come from a lineage of such wonderful and humble teachers.


  • Woman Rising Flower Essence ® Certified Practitioner ®

  • Level 2 - Woman Rising Flower Essence Training ®

  • Level 1 & 2 - Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Practitioner Certificate

  • Women’s Wellbeing & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate

  • Numerology & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate

  • Teens, Tweens & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate

  • Happy Healthy Kids & Australian Bush Flower Essences ® Certificate

  • Shell Essences © Practitioner Certificate

  • Integrative Health Coach Certificate at Institute for Integrative Nutrition ®

  • The Sister Circles © Certified Facilitator Training

  • Level 2 - Sister Circles © Training

  • Red Tent Women's Circle © Facilitator

  • Shamanic Practitioner Training with Damini Celebre


  • International Institute for Complimentary Therapies (IICT)

  • International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC)

  • Australian Bush Flower Essence Society

  • Woman Rising Flower Essence Collective

  • Sister Circles Ambassador