Rites of Passage


I have had the great privilege to gather with women and facilitate a Baby Blessing Circle for a dear Sister.

In this Rite of Passage we honour a woman at the threshold of her next stage of her journey.

It was an incredibly beautiful and deeply moving ceremony to love and nurture her as she prepares to give birth to her baby, and also to a new aspect of herself as a woman.

As Sisters we drew our Circle around her and adorned her with our love, our blessings and support... we reminded her that we are always here for her to reach out to.

We celebrated her - and the beautiful women who came before her... And we all left the Circle with hearts overflowing with love, and the connections we created during this loving ceremony will stay with our Sister - and one another forever.

Our culture has lost a lot of meaningful ritual and when we gather in Circle with the intention of honouring and supporting one another, a spark of remembrance and recognition is ignited in our hearts...

Together we bring back the village, by weaving our own Circle of women - blessing, sharing, loving, empowering and supporting one another. 

If you would like a ceremony uniquely crafted to celebrate your own rite of passage with your Circle of women please reach out.