Sister Circle Medicine


Ahhh... that sweet feeling after sitting in Circle with women.

The weaving of healing begins the moment we commit to the Circle, and up until we gather together our hearts often flutter with apprehension for this work isn't always easy.... But as we take our place around the Circle we begin to soften... on the exhale we let go and feel everything but the present moment effortlessly slip away...

There is something incredibly nourishing that takes place when women gather... together we create a safe container as a place to be raw, to be held, to be heard. To be REAL.

The strength and power of women coming together and courageously showing up to be witnessed as they 'do their inner work' is deeply humbling, affirming, encouraging..... Every. Single. Time.

We leave the Circle standing a touch taller, hearts opened that little bit more. The invisible thread woven around us, reminding us we are never, ever alone.