Sisterhood ~ by Joanne Ameya Cohen


"Sisters, we need one another.
We are more alike than we often acknowledge and honor.

The separation we create with one another is an illusion. It's based on childhood wounds and a fear of being seen, of belonging and of being intimate. Separation feeds the belief that we are different or Other. And this then becomes the lens that we live and move through life.

Let's share vulnerably and courageously. Let's spill the beans on our messy parts. Our "imperfections".
And let's also rejoice in our victories, our liberations and our great resurrections, TOGETHER.

I know you've been hurt by other Women. Perhaps your Mother or best friend. And I also know there's a time in life to repair betrayals and misunderstandings in order to understand Self and deepen relationally.

Sisterhood, real-connected-safe-Sisterhood flames the Fires of your Heart. It supports you through devastating challenges and epic joys.

Find and cultivate Sisterhood. The fractured or fragmented parts of yourself will have a salve to bring you HOME." ~ 
Joanne Ameya Cohen