Spring Equinox Blessings


The Wheel of the Year is turning and we are moving through the gateway of the Spring Equinox into the season of Spring.

Equinoxes are a point of perfect balance - of day and night - masculine and feminine.

Spring Equinox truly is the time of resurrection, of rebirth of the Earth and it is a really powerful day to spend in gratitude and to create some time in quiet reflection.

The seeds that we planted at Winter Solstice are beginning to reveal themselves - The new life is beginning to burst forth and the intentions that we set are now beginning to come to fruition.

Today is a beautiful day to spend some time outside if you can - with your feel bare on the Earth to connect with our Great Mother Gaia.

Be present to your surroundings - allow all of your senses to awaken as you take a moment to tend to your spirit and to feel the currents of Earth and the Heavens alive within you.

With your journal and pen spend some time in quiet reflection journalling on the following questions:

What am I grateful for?

What is my soul is whispering at this time?

What is ready to bloom and blossom in my life?

What needs tending to within my inner and outer world to support my greatest blossoming?

The exact point for the Equinox is today Monday 23rd September at 5.20pm ACST.

If you are able to be outside at this time in quiet prayer or ritual it will be extra potent and will enable you to truly harness these beautiful energies that are present.

With my love to you and the blossoming of your deepest dreams and prayers.

Jo xx