The Call for Sisterhood ~ by Sheleana Aiyana

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“Everytime a woman walks away from a relationship that’s putting out her flame… she is leading.

Everytime a woman says no when it’s uncomfortable to do so… she is leading.

Everytime a woman slows down when everyone is telling her to do more… she is leading.

Everytime a woman listens to her intuition and acts accordingly… she is leading.

Everytime a woman makes a choice that serves her highest good… she is leading.

Everytime you do what’s best for you, even when it’s hard, even when it’s painful, even when it means starting all over, you are leading.

Be powerful sister.
Rise to the occasion.

Everytime you honor yourself, you are leading the way for all of the women in your community.

Women who are watching and maybe even waiting…

For a sign or a source of inspiration…

To leave, to start over, to birth a new dream, to break a pattern, to stand up, to say no more, to say I’m worth it.

What you do is so important.

When you settle, you set an example.
When you rise up, you set an example.

It is your responsibility and mine to make bold moves in this lifetime.

It is our responsibility to rise together, to show one another that it is safe to get after whatever our hearts desire.

To know that through it all there are women who have our backs.

To know that even when the relationship ends, the old life dies, the business fails, the money dries up, or health declines, there will still be love showered upon us.

We will never be alone so long as we nurture ourselves and our connections with other women.

We will never be without so long as we remember that even when life is busy, there is no greater priority than community.

Women, we are meant to go through life as a village.

When you’re down, let me clean your house, let me cook for you, let me rub your forehead and tell you everything will be alright.

When I am down, hold me and let my tears fall freely.

In times when I forget my own strength, remind me to keep going.

When you think you are lost, I will help you find your way.

See my light when I am stuck in my shadow.

I will do the same for you.

Because I love you.

And that is what sisterhood is about.”

– Sheleana Aiyana ~ Rising Woman