The Magic of Flowers


Flower Essences are a subtle yet incredibly powerful form of botanical medicine.

Many moons ago, our ancestors lived in close relationship to the natural world. Not only did they find nourishment in the plants that grew close by in their surroundings, but they also later discovered that the flowers had properties that could support emotional and spiritual healing.

Flower Essences offer emotional freedom. The ancient peoples knew this - and now we are remembering this too.
A vibrational medicine, working energetically in the body, Flower Essences activate our own innate ability to heal, allowing life force to flow freely throughout our meridians as harmony is restored to our system - they truly are catalysts to unlock our full potential.

Flower Essences can support with:

  • Building self esteem & confidence

  • Moving through blocks & self doubt

  • Connecting you to your divine inner wisdom

  • Increasing clarity & focus

  • Balancing the chakra system

  • Connecting you deeply to your own rhythms

  • Grounding & embodiment

  • Releasing trauma from the system

  • Decreasing stress, worry, fear, irritability, anxiety & overwhelm

  • Moving through sadness & grief

  • Strengthening & protecting your energy field

  • Healing relationships

  • Releasing old patterns of behaviour

  • Tapping into & developing your intuition

  • Awakening your spirituality

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

Flower Essences work to shift the energy from the subconscious to our conscious awareness and release deep seated trauma, limiting beliefs and woundings that have been imprinted into our chakras, that affect how we experience life. They help to unlock and bring forward the positive qualities that we have within, empowering you to listen to and follow your intuition, and reach for your goals and dreams.

Flower Essences are incredible allies for unraveling spiritual or emotional patterns of imbalance.

The essences work to bring an awareness to our conscious mind any out-dated patterns and old wounds that are preventing us from moving forwards in our lives. Any negative and limiting beliefs that are subconsciously held within the body are released and dissolved, and positive qualities such as love, joy, abundance, faith and trust take their place.

On an emotional level, flower essences work to harmonise and resolve limited belief patterns to create harmony and wellbeing and are incredibly beneficial to create deep emotional healing.

They truly offer a fast-track to healing.