The Ways of the Feminine

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Something that often pops up in conversation with women is this deep desire that many of us have to feel more connected to our feminine essence...

In this busy world world we live in where the masculine aspects of 'achieving and striving' often gain more merit than the feminine aspects of simply 'flowing and being' it is very easy to feel this disconnect.

These gorgeous words landed in my inbox this morning and they truly are a beautiful reminder of how to feel truly in alignment with our divine feminine flow.

"To activate feminine flow in our lives, we have to be in touch with our feeling-based wisdom. Our feelings are so often pushed to the side as our heads take the lead, often directing us against our intuitive guidance.

To simply be in the feminine flow:

Ask your body what it needs to feel supported & loved

As much as you can, go with the organic flow & rhythm of each day's tides

When you feel tired or blocked, rest - don't push through - check in with your body just for 5-10 minutes

When you are trying to 'work it out' mentally and it's not flowing..breathe, pause, ask your Heart and Spirit Guides for a remedy

Become aware of your body's communication system: does it want to stretch, move, deeply rest or sleep? Does it want you to truthfully speak up or say 'no' to a pressing demand? Does it gently encourage you to nourish it with food and drink that enliven or soothe?

To be in a feminine flow state, do you require more or less social interaction? Do you just need to be alone? Or do you crave more time with friends, partner and family? The needs of the feminine flow state are ever-changing, like the seasons

Do you respect your own unique rhythms as you move through the day? Perhaps you are most alive in the early mornings, or maybe the night-time illuminates your potent creativity...

Are you pushing yourself to complete certain tasks at times of the day when you most resist them? Ask your Spirit the most easeful method of accomplishing vital tasks that you often avoid or procrastinate over. Be open to the messages that your Soul gives: you may be guided to get help with these tasks, or complete them when your energy is in a more optimum state.

Feminine flow has no need to push against inner, natural wisdom. 
It has the power to get mountains of 'work' done in almost 'no-time' at all.

It doesn't put anxiety or stress into the mixing pot, as this only clouds the alchemy of creative processes.

Feminine flow counters the conditioning that says we must be rushed, exhausted or overly busy in order to be successful.

It invokes the Hand of the Goddess to activate our most efficient and ingenious brilliance - in tune with our sacred contributions to the world.

Even the most scientific, rational and calculative processes are enhanced by being in this primordial divine state of being." ~Sophie Bashford