Whispers of Wisdom


'There is so much focus on creating the change, you must redirect your focus to BEING the change' were the words whispered by the lands as I sat in the sunshine with a Circle of women at the base of Silbury Hill in Somerset.

And in that very moment my body recognised these words as truth and they began to take root, anchoring deeply into all aspects of my heart and soul, weaving change and creating new ways of existing in this world.

Since receiving these words I've been in a space of deep enquiry as I look at what it means for me as a woman in 2019 with the vision of dreaming the dream awake in my own quiet and humble way.

In what ways can I be the change?

I'm recognising that the shifts I'm naturally and easefully making in order to truly be the change are taking place within the foundations - the roots - of my life - in the way I parent, my relationship, my friendships, how I tend to Mother Earth, my prayers, my thoughts and in my work of service to the world. In how I’m showing up.

All the while knowing that one day soon I too will be an ancestor.

I wish for my Grandchildren to know that I was active and took conscious steps in dreaming the dream awake for the future.