Who Attends a Sister Circle?


The Sister Circles attract all sorts of women at many different stages of life...

The Circles often appeal to women who are wanting to connect with their own inner wisdom, who are looking for change within their lives, who are seeking empowerment and women who are ready to take personal responsibility for their healing.

Some women are drawn to the Sister Circles because they love the magic and personal growth that happens either as a result of the evening, or over the course of the 5 week journey. Others are called to this work as they are processing or navigating some aspect of their life and are seeking support and wish to offer this support in return to other women.

Some women love to come to the Circles as they don't have this kind of space in their lives where they can share as deeply or as openly, and be heard with love and compassion and without judgement.

As we all know so well, life is a huge journey of ups and downs, and twists and turns and as women, we find it so much easier to navigate this with the support of sisters by our side. Many of us long to be heard and understood.

The Circles seem to 'call' to women, and you will know in your heart if you too have heard this call.

I keep the Circles small and intimate in order for us to all feel safe and secure as we open up our hearts and share. Your wisdom and all that you bring to the Circles will be lovingly held, appreciated and respected with so much love and kindness. Everything that is shared within Circle is kept completely confidential.

If you are hearing the call to share this sacred journey with women in our local community, or are interested in finding out more, please contact me.

Perhaps you will find that a Sister Circle may well be just perfect for you.