New Beginnings ~ Why Women of Cedar?


New Beginnings ~

With heart flutters and deep gratitude I’m excited to share with you my new business name change from The Healing Essence to Women of Cedar - and my beautiful new website 💗

This shift has been in the works for some time now... this refinement and new name feels to be far more aligned with where I am at on my path, and reflective of all that I wish to be offering with my work of service in the world.

The magnificent Cedar is a tree that has had a place within my heart for many years.

It is a tree that is native to, and held sacred in Lebanon, which is an aspect of my heritage and it is a tree that represents a deep strength and immortality.

Most importantly for me though, is that Cedar as a vibrational medicine has been pivotal on my path of healing, and was one of the first essences given to me by my teacher so many moons ago.

A couple of years ago during a trip to Mount Shasta, a group of medicine women and I connected deeply with a 200 year old Cedar Tree which stood at the entrance of a clearing. This beautiful old Cedar tree held the joyful energy of the Grandfather - offering unconditional love and protection. The image in this photo above is that grand old Cedar tree.

Recently during an Ancestral Healing Session the Cedar Tree was very present.

During the healing I was advised to collect Cedar needles and to begin to work with them in my own personal ceremonies and rituals… and to trust the information that would begin to be revealed once I deepened my connection with the spirit of Cedar.

Since forming a deeper connection with the beautiful Cedar, many aspects of my world have begun to shift and expand.

Trees anchor us into Gaia by reminding us that we are one with her – that we are of her.

In many of the groundings I share in my Sister Circles, we will anchor ourselves deeply into the core of Gaia... And as we do this, a great stabilisation takes place that we feel throughout our entire system.

The botanical medicine of Red Cedar is one of my favourite essences for supporting the base chakra. It is an essence I use with almost all of my clients. When our base chakra is solid and stable, this greatly affects the functioning of all our chakras above and as a result our entire experience of life radically shifts.

Red Cedar is an essence that brings a deep and profound sense of safety, stability and security. And as this happens an embodiment takes place. We begin to feel safe enough to fully inhabit our bodies rather than experiencing life existing within our upper chakras, or remaining ‘checked out’ of life.

Cedar invites us to anchor deeply into the centre of Mother Earth and this earth energy then runs back up through our base chakra, through our heart and our crown all the way up into the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy… deep into the mysteries.

It is an essence that allows us to be the conduit for experiencing and embodying heaven on earth.

Imagine a world where we all felt safe, secure and stable?

Imagine how different our world would be if we all experienced life from this place of anchored embodiment, with heaven and earth energies flowing through us?

I dream of all women experiencing the essence of Cedar, and this then rippling out into their homes, their communities and into the world to create the change we are seeking on our beloved Mother Earth.