Our best selling duo of flower essences and a healing elixir to help to keep your auric field cleansed and clear.

Aura Protection is a particularly powerful sequence that has been formulated to help to remove the negative effects of other people's energy that can rob you of your own, leaving you feeling tired and depleted.

This quick acting combination works incredibly well together and will help to clear your auric field from any emotional and psychic infringements that may be draining your own energy. 

Affirmation - "May all energies that are not my own please be returned to their rightful place in the Universe."

Directions -  Take 7 drops under your tongue twice daily of your flower essence remedy and mist your aura and your space as often as required to clear yourself of any emotional and psychic infringements that may be draining your own energy. 

Flower essence ingredients - Flower essences in in a 25ml preparation of brandy in spring water

Healing elixir ingredients - Flower and shell essences, crystal infused water, colloidal silver and a combination of the following essential oils in a 100ml preparation:

Lavender - Balances the emotions and relaxes and calms the mind and body. Restores balance to the chakras and to the auric field.

Cedarwood -  Promotes balance and relaxation. Helps to restore calm and tranquility.

Ylang Ylang - Helps to balance the mind and body. May help to resolve negative feelings. Its soft and sweet scent is a favourite amongst romantics.

Sandalwood - a gorgeous warm, rich and earthy scent. Encourages deeper meditation. Is very uplifting, yet also balancing and calming.

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