Beautiful 100ml

Beautiful 100ml


Beautiful is an exquisite elixir which will assist in opening up your heart space, allowing love to flow.

This glorious combination of divine earth medicine will encourage love of your beautiful self, and will guide you to tap into the endless supply of universal love. 

Directions - Mist your lovely self and in your home. Breathe in and enjoy the sweetness of the scent and the magic of the essences and feel your heart open and fill with love and gratitude.

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Affirmation - "I am connected to the never ending flow of universal love and light."

Ingredients - Flower and shell essences, crystal infused water, colloidal silver, and a combination of the following essential oils:

  • Lavender - Balances the emotions and calms and relaxes the body and mind. Restores balance to the chakras and to the auric field.

  • Bergamot - A gorgeous feminine scent that works on opening up the heart chakra. Is wonderful when used in times of emotional stress and helps to bring feelings of happiness. Releases negative emotions and warms the heart with love.

  • Lemon - Wonderful for clearing and stimulating the mind promoting mental clarity. Is uplifting and reviving.

  • Ylang Ylang - Helps to balance the mind and body. May help to resolve negative feelings. Its soft and sweet scent is a favourite amongst romantics.

  • Geranium - A favourite among women, this gorgeous oil helps to balance and uplift. Wonderful for stabilising emotions and offers feelings of calm and stability. 

  • Rose - A gorgeous feminine scent that helps to remove emotional blocks. 

  • Jasmine - A sweet and floral scent that helps to balance the mind, boost self confidence and offers feelings of optimism. Traditionally used throughout history for love and romance.