Native Frangipani invites us to connect into and feel our emotions, and in particular the feminine within, and she effortlessly weaves a bridge in bringing women together providing a net of strength and safety.

This glorious flower essence reminds us that we are all one – there is no separation. She shows us that we are all part of a wider family and are all interconnected, that we are never alone.

Her medicine offers a healing for old wounds of isolation and separation.

Native Frangipani offers a shroud of protection.... she teaches us to be comfortable with who we are and to know our place in the world. 

She reminds us to stand tall with confidence and with grace, and helps with the opening of our hearts and eyes to the beauty that surrounds us.

Directions - Take 3 drops under your tongue 3 times daily

Ingredients - Native Frangipani flower essence in a 25ml preparation of brandy in spring water

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