While making this beautiful essence I felt as if I was wrapped in a velvety mauve cloak of gentle, unconditional love.... Virgilia essence is for the heart. Her medicine reminds us that love is all there is. It really is quite simple. 

As the flowers were essencing I felt my heart flutter and expand and she whispered that she will also help to dissolve imbalances within the sacral chakra.... she asks us to feel into what brings us joy and pleasure in our lives.

She is resonant with the elements of earth and water which indicates that an aspect of her medicine is the gentle invitation for us to ground back into our bodies, and connect with the softness of our emotions... All whilst being wrapped in a beautiful cloak of safety and love.

My tears fell throughout the process of creating this essence. Tears of joy, gratitude and compassion... yet also tears for what is not in our world.

She creates beautiful pathways for us to reach in and feel what is present for us in our inner worlds and then floods this space with love from the divine.

Virgilia lovingly and graciously offers her beautiful medicine to support your personal growth and transformation.

Directions - Take 3 drops under your tongue 3 times daily

Ingredients - Virgilia flower essence in a 25ml preparation of brandy in spring water

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