Sister Circles

There is something profoundly beautiful about women coming together with the intent to support and empower one another.

A Sister Circle is a sacred gathering of women connecting, sharing and celebrating life. It is a space to experience and embrace the nurturing energy of the feminine that resides within each and every one of us.

Flower Essence Consultation

Package 1

Holy Day Sister Circle

A Sister Circle ceremony to  celebrate the turning of the wheel.

Note this package is held in Port Lincoln, South Australia.


Package 2

Sister Circle Online

A two hour online Sister Circle enabling us to connect and share wisdom.


Package 3

Sister Circle Journey

Five weeks of love, support, connection, healing and transformation.


Everything you need to know about the power of joining in circle.


Jo has the most amazing ability to be attuned with all of her senses to where a person is really at. She hears what is being communicated without being voiced, and can see beyond a person’s current experiences. She witnesses all of this and more from a place of deep love, respect and honouring. We are truly blessed to have Jo’s support available to us, to help us live to our fullest potentials.
— Jayne

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