High Holy Day Sister Circle - Beltane

A Sister Circle ceremony to  celebrate the turning of the wheel.


Sister, I invite you to gather with me in Circle to celebrate Beltane, a fire festival that honours fertility, life and love.

Beltane is the peak of Spring and it is a beautiful time for us to celebrate and give thanks for the richness in our lives, our infinite possibilities and it is a magical time for us to dream our passions awake.

As we align to the rhythms of Mother Earth and attune to her changing cycles and seasons, we will also be feeling the shift within our own inner and outer worlds at this time.

All around us we see and feel the energy of the fullness of life and fertility at this point in the Wheel of the Year. As the Earth energies are at their peak and the flowers are in full bloom, we too are feeling the exquisite blossoming of our souls.

The veils are thin at this time and we have access to wisdom from the unseen. It is a powerful time to spend time in ceremony to access magic and mystery, which can then be woven into our current lives.

During this beautiful ceremony we will be working with specific rituals, flower and elemental essences to support and nourish us at this time. 

Ritual acknowledge the web of life that weaves within and around each of us, connecting us to the seen and unseen in our world. Together as a Circle of Sisters we will create a space within and around each of us for magic to happen.

When like-minded women come together with the intention to open up their hearts and support one another through love, compassion and connection, wonderful things happen.... And this often paves the way for radical inner and outer transformation. 

During this Circle we will witness and hold space for one another, creating a powerful container for Universal magic to happen. 

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the turning of the wheel than with a Circle of Sisters by my side.



  • A 2.5hr Circle filled with connection, love, friendship, support and empowerment with the sisterhood.

  • Healing elixirs of your choice to enjoy during the Circle.

  • Guided visualisation working with specific flower and elemental essences.

  • Rituals to support you as you the wheel turns.

  • Access to our loving and solid Sisterhood in our private Facebook group.

Next Upcoming High Holy Day: Beltane Sister Circle

Date: Thursday 31st October 2019, 6.00pm - 8.30pm


“Jo is a woman of the old ways, keeper of ancient secrets and wisdoms. She is awakening seeds of knowing within each of us who work with her. Our growth is of the highest quality and potential because Jo is showing us that we hold truth and power within us. She is guiding us home.”
— Jesse