Sister Circle Online

A two hour online Sister Circle enabling us to connect and share wisdom.


If you're feeling isolated, separate and unable to find the support your soul is seeking, joining a Sister Circle online is a beautiful way for you to experience the magic of connection.

The Circle offers you a chance to RE-remember the feeling of belonging… to experience heart felt connection with other women, and to feel held and loved. This then helps you in making heart centred connections with women in your local communities.

Sisters we have not incarnated here at this time to be playing small - or to remain separate from one another. The time of the lone wolf is over. We are here to rise - and to rise together and create monumental changes within our lives. And from here these shifts will ripple outwards into our families, through our communities and across our beloved Mother Earth.

Something I am constantly reminded of over and over again, is that we truly are all in this together. The journey of life is so much easier when we walk with a loving tribe of women. The ups and downs and twists and turns are far easier to navigate when we have Sisters by our side.

The Sister Circle will be held online monthly, celebrating our strength as a global collective as women. They are a beautiful complement for the women committed to my Flower Essence Journey or Flower Essence Immersion via Zoom.

No matter what corner of the globe you inhabit, you can reach into the support of our loving online community.



  • A 2hr Circle experience of love, support, connection, with the Sisterhood via Zoom.

  • Guided Visualisation.



Next Upcoming Sister Circle Online Event: August Sister Circle

Date: Tuesday 13th August 2019 9.30am - 11.30am ACST


It is wonderful to come together with a group of like-minded women and connect on such a deep level in complete faith and confidence. I have enormous gratitude for the experience
— Elizabeth